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Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers.

Evergreen Honey is a leading certified company in India for the supply

of honey and honey bee related products. Evergreen Honey is the only

company in India as trader, manufacturer, and supplier of honey and its

related products. Evergreen Honey become more special when it

comes to the quality and services it provides to the customers which is

used not only in India but also in world wide. Honey is widely used by

people because it have several benefits such as Sweetener , Weight

loss, Energy Source, improving Athletic performance, Source of

Vitamins and Minerals, Antibacterial and Antifungal properties, Skin

Care with Milk and Honey, Antimicrobial activity, helping in Wound

Management. Except these regular benefits some other benefits also

there like Honey makes excellent Cough Medicine, Improves your Scalp,

Reduce Allergy symptoms. Honey can also use in home Remedies like

Honey hair conditioner, Honey body moisturizer, Honey almond scrub.

Honey can be a healthy natural sweetener as many people prefers

honey instead of white sugar for better health.


09, Ankur Chamber, Opp. Prakash Departmental Store, Budhawar peth, Shivaji Road, Near Vasant Cinema, District- Pune – 411002.

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