Spice Grinding Plant Spice Grinding Plant ahmedabad

  • Publish Date: 05-09-18
  • Price: $382,445.00

We Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. pleased to introduce Ultra Grinding Mill (UGM Mill) system which is used to grind different spices like Turmeric, Chili, coriander etc. In our UGM Mill system Spice will be grinded in single cutting - with latest technology -…

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Bolt Tightening Lagos Bolt Tightening Lagos yellowknife

  • Publish Date: 06-28-18
  • Price: $77,042.00

 JOC & JOC LTD (JJL) assists clients in achieving their business objective of a safe and leak free work environment by providing appropriate flange management and control techniques. The integrity of bolt and flange connections is key to minimizing…

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Service Animal letter Service Animal letter US

  • Publish Date: 01-22-18
  • Price: $19,102.00

Our Esa letter are based upon federal law (housing and airline).Emotional support animal are like normal pets, who aim to offer emotional comfort and companionship to people. An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) can be any type of animals including cats,…

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