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The Freedrugcoupons Program is absolutely FREE. We provide this service to any and all Americans that wish to save on their prescription prices. There are no premiums or deductibles associated with this program whatsoever. In the past year, about 19 million Americans used these incentives to fill prescriptions.
 When this happens, patients whose chronic diseases are managed by expensive brand name drugs are left to financially fend for themselves. Without the coupon or a generic alternative, the patient's co-pay rises. And if a generic is available, many patients fail to change to the cheaper alternative with their doctors. As a result, their annual drug costs can easily rise by several hundred dollars. Every discount you find is free, good at virtually every pharmacy in the US, and will save you money right. To save a buck on prescription medications, more consumers than ever are turning to manufacturer coupons. They can make expensive brand name prescription drugs seem more affordable.

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