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Pronatura describes their capsules as from the kombucha fungus (fungus japonicus). The truth of course is that kombucha is neither a fungus nor fungus japonicus. Kombucha originally was misidentified as fungus japonicus. Some fifty years ago when some German scientist attempted to trace the origins of this kombucha - or kumbu (seaweed) cha (tea) and other real mushrooms (fungus) used widely in oriental medicine. (Ling chi or reshi)

This kombucha capsules Pronatura is available at Happy Herbalist. Its price is $24.95.

450 mg of kombucha dried extract from kombucha tea not less than 5% glucuronic acid. suggested use: 2 capsules 3 times a day one bottle is a 2-week supply.

Pronatura enjoys a fine well-established reputation and delivers quality products. Personally my belief is that a live bioactive ferment (either extract, drops or fresh tea) is preferred, yet there are numerous reports from ordinary people that these capsules are effective. Especially suited for those who wish to avoid sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Or those suffering from diabetes, IRB or Candida. 60-90 days is usually sufficient to realize a noticeable change.

90 capsules 555 mg each 

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