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Goals of CABG surgery is to relieve symptoms of angina & coronary artery disease in order to reduce risk of heart attack & other heart problems & thereby enable patients resume a normal & healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, CABG surgery is also performed in combination with other coronary procedures if required. These include aortic aneurysm surgery, heart valve surgery or surgery for treatment of irregular heartbeats (atrial fibrillation). Diagnostic tests involved with CABG surgery generally are meant to help the cardiac surgeon identify type, location & extent of coronary artery disease. Apart from these tests, other parameters which help cardiac surgeons determine the best type of treatment include the patient’s age, the structure of heart, severity of symptoms, presence of any other medical conditions, & the lifestyle of the patient. CABG surgery in India is considered to be of high quality. Many cardiac surgeons now practicing in India have initially trained & experienced for decades in developed western countries like United Kingdom, Canada & United States before returning to their homeland. Moreover, CABG surgery cost in India is comparatively reasonable & just a fraction of what heart patients will have to pay in western countries. IndianMedTrip is a globally reputed medical tourism company based in South Asia. They are closely associated with top cardiac surgeons & internationally accredited hospital facilities in the region so as to provide the most affordable package deals to international patients. For enquiries & more information on CABG surgery in India log on to You can send your queries at: info@indianmedtrip.com & https://indianmedtrip.com/contact-us/ Call or WhatsApp: +91-8600855554.  


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