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Renew Energy Finance, Funding available for any green, renewable energy projects. We have successfully funded many green renewable energy projects. Wind power finance, solar power finance, biofuel energy finance
We are the leading international financial intermediaries, having over 30 years of professional experience. With our experience and knowledge in handling varied green / renewable energy projects and our regular inter-action with many international funding sources, we are in a position to analyze your funding requirement and provide suitable solutions according to your need. We care more about your project, business plan, focus on profit and growth strategies, rather than the personal guarantees or credit. Financing request can be USD 1 Million to 2 Billion. We can undertake good, viable projects from North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, the Middle-East and other politically stable & peaceful countries.

Our Solutions
Wind Energy Finance
We have successfully funded many wind energy projects and we assure you to provide fast and easy solutions according to your need.
Solar Energy Finance
Even though it was well known long before that sun rays are powerful source of energy, the economical ways of converting it was mastered very recently. Low documentation renewable loans.
Biofuel Energy Finance
Plants, agricultural produce and animal wastes are used to feed the biofuel industry. A wide variety of feed-stocks are available to producers of biofuels today.
Hydro Energy Finance
The basics of electricity production from a flowing river are that the water is held back in a reservoir behind a dam and from there it is released in a controlled manner.

Address: Renew Energy Finance Division of ECC Intl, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: service@renewenergyfinance.com
Tel/Fax: 416 - 273 8820
Direct: 416 - 856 8999



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