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+9.6 % average 6 weekly gain gets our portfolio to an enormous return of 225% average yearly (by compounding 6 weekly) for $ 1 Million Portfolio.
+12 % average monthly gain gets our portfolio to an enormous return of 400% average yearly (by compounding monthly) for $ 100,000 Portfolio.

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回★回 Guaranteed Stock Profits or Money Back for $ 1 MILLION Portfolio 回★回
+ 7.25 % profits guaranteed for 6 Weeks Membership or Membership Fee Back
After + 7.25 % profit pay as you win every 6 Weeks

回★回 Guaranteed Stock Profits or Money Back for $ 100,000 Portfolio 回★回
+ 15.25 % profits guaranteed for 2 Months Membership or Membership Fee Back
+ 8.75 % profits guaranteed for Monthly Membership or Membership Fee Back

Eminently managed full portfolio diversification support service with excellent track record. Our profits are GUARANTEED with most trading weeks' wins. Unique short term swing trading stock picks day to day method with high volume stocks and/or only with well enough lucrative mid-cap to large-cap without price following stress of day trading.

Parameters used to rank picks including technically or fundamentally growth or value risk / reward analyses with own or related industries and even sectors and correlated swing cycles maximizes long and short tradings with back and future tests periodically adding and updating its own database within itself for better and better trading profits. Methodologically has a unique concentrated index is also used to perform function success.

A trading format with Long and Short stock picks to get advantage of stock price swings for day to day or swing trading. No penny stocks trading whatsoever. Mid-cap to Large-cap, only $8.00 or higher priced stocks traded with high volume in USA markets even from NYSE, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500 (stocks under $8 are not used for damaging % changeableness). Simple and easily executable, incomparably profitable advisory of highly liquid trades in only last 20 minutes of stock market day with MOC, limit or market orders. Suitable for day traders, swing traders or position traders with starting capital for Portfolio 1 minimum $350,000 or up to $3.5 Million or for Portfolio 2 minimum $35,000 or up to $350,000.

Day trading is a specific trading technique where a trader buys and/or sells a financial instrument multiple times over the course of a day, to exploit minute volatility in the asset's pricing. While private investors may practice this investment strategy, it is more commonly an institutional phenomenon, as a financial institution can highly leverage its transactions to boost its profitability. As many brokerages allow for trading online, day trading can be conducted from virtually anywhere, with only a few necessary tools and resources. However, day trading is inherently a highly risky investment strategy.

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