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Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure Concepts
•    What is a Cluster
•    Grid Foundation Components
•    Oracle Clusterware Architecture
•    Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
•    Describe ASM Architecture
•    Creating and Managing ASM Disk Groups
•    Creating and Managing ASM Cluster File systems
•    Administering Oracle Clusterware
•    Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
Grid Infrastructure Installation and Configuration
•    Hardware Requirements
•    Network Requirements
•    Software Requirements
•    DNS and DHCP Configuration
•    Grid Plug and Play Considerations
•    Single Client Access Names
•    Post installation tasks
Oracle Automatic Storage Management concepts
•    ASM Instance
•    ASM Disks
•    ASM Disk Groups
•    ASM Redundancy
Cluster installation Prerequisite for Oracle 11g R2 RAC
•    Linux OS Software Installation
•    Create OS Group and User Accounts
•    Networking
•    Synchronizing the Time on ALL Nodes
•    Configuring Kernel Parameters
•    Set shell limits for the oracle & grid user
•    Create the Oracle Inventory Directory
•    Creating the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Home Directory
•    Creating the Oracle Base Directory
•    Creating the Oracle RDBMS Home Directory
•    Stage the Oracle Software
•    Check OS Software Requirements
•    Cluster Verification Utility
Shared Storage Configuration
•    Types of Shared Storage
•    Partition the Shared Disks
•    Installing and Configuring ASMLib
•    Using ASMLib to Mark the Shared Disks as Candidate Disks
Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure Installation
•    Basic/Advanced Grid Infrastructure Install (without GNS and IPMI)…
•    Grid Infrastructure Home Patching
•    RDBMS Software Install
•    Run ASMCA to create diskgroups
Oracle 11g R2 RAC Database Software Installation
•    Installing The Oracle Database Software
•    Creating A Cluster Database
•    Post database Creation Tasks
Administering Oracle Clusterware
•    Managing Clusterware with Enterprise Manager
•    Determining the Location of the Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
•    Backing Up and Recovering the Voting Disk
•    Adding, Deleting, or Migrating Voting Disks
•    Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
•    Oracle Local Registry
•    Migrating OCR Locations to ASM
•    Managing Network Settings
•    Managing Oracle Clusterware
Administering ASM Instances
•    ASM Initialization Parameters
•    Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
•    Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using srvctl
•    Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using ASMCA and ASMCMD
•    Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Containing Cluster Files
•    Starting and Stopping the ASM Listener
•    Administering ASM Disk Groups
•    Creating and Deleting ASM Disk Groups
•    ASM Disk Group Attributes
•    ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
•    Viewing ASM Disk Statistics
Prerequisite Steps for Extending a Cluster
•    Using to add a Node to a Cluster
•    Rolling Patches and Rolling Upgrades
•    Installing a Patchset with the OUI Utility
•    Installing a Patch With The opatch Utility
Cluster Node Management
•    Add/Deleting the instance
•    Add the Node
•    Remove the Node
•    Single-Instance Conversion Using rconfig
•    Single-Instance Conversion Using DBCA
Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
•    Oracle Clusterware Log Files
•    Gathering Log Files Using
•    Component-level Debugging
•    RAC-Specific Wait Events, Global Enqueues, and System Statistic
•    Implementing the Most Common RAC Tuning Tips
•    Using the Cluster Database Performance Pages
•    Using the Automatic Workload Repository in RAC
•    Using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor in RAC.
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