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What if there was an unusual ….”MONEY HOBBY” … requiring as few as 4 hours a week, that paid you more than your full-time job or business – up to $15,000 or more PER transaction and was fascinating and fun to do? Would YOU want to know about THIS?


It reveals an entirely different, amazing way of making an excellent living and living an excellent life – without an insecure job, difficult boss or business that actually owns you instead of you owning it.
You’ll naturally be an instant skeptic, as I was at first too, until I started picking up $5,000 … $8,000 …$15,000…even $30,000… from managing simple transactions, at home, with my computer, following a perfectly understandable system.
As hard as it will be to believe, you could make as much from 4 hours’ “work” with these kinds of transactions as you do from 40 hours in your job or any ordinary business.
I’ll prove it.
You can start receiving real checks just like the $15,000.00 check directly delivered to your front door via FedEx delivery…for providing a simple – much needed – service in your local area.
What would it mean to you, to create an EXTRA $15,000.00 a month, starting immediately? Would you get out of debt? Beef up your retirement savings and pension plans? Finally buy that vacation home or boat or classic car or start taking those “dream” vacations you’ve promised yourself and your spouse year after year after year?
Once you saw this income as consistent and certain, requiring a fraction of the hours you put in now, would you leave your job or ordinary business behind? THIS IS ABOUT FREEDOM!
If you might be ready for much easier way of making a great living AND LIFESTYLE and can be open-minded, this FREE INSTANT INFORMATION could be life-changing.
IMPORTANT: This is NOT multi-level or network marketing, NOT anything embarrassing (in fact, you can make your money in secret if you wish), it’s not illegal, it does NOT require any specific education or licenses, there is NO long learning curve – you make money NOW. The transactions you will be involved with are taking place every day in your area, which is why I call this ‘Hidden in Plain Sight Money’. I have Doctors, school teachers, police officers and firemen, stay-at-home moms, burnt-out executives, Ph.Ds, dentists, accountants, restaurants and retail shop owners, nurses, bus drivers, – ALL changing their lives with this incredible home-based business system. DON’T MISS OUT. GET ALL THE FACTS NOW AT:


Each one of these transactions can pay you fast profits of $5,000 to $20,000 and up. This is a perfected BUSINESS SYSTEM that will give you time-freedom and flexibility …independence… a steady income AND windfall profits…providing you and your family with the perfect lifestyle you have always wanted.
I invite you to investigate what makes this possible, and could make it possible for YOU. I realize that getting something like this in your mail from a “cold” stranger instantly sounds fishy
YOU MAY WONDER: If this is so damn good, why isn’t he keeping it to himself? Why me? Well, there IS a method to my madness! I have picked a few key U.S. markets to focus on and create a new, elite group of students and partners in this business.
You could have an unprecedented opportunity for a “Fast and Sure Start” with me as your mentor and even partner on transactions (at your option). I and my organization NEED honest, ambitious, reliable men and women in your area right now.
You can join us and earn profits of $5,000….$10,000… even $20,000 per transaction, implementing my proven and improved Business System – Working at it as little as 4 HOURS A WEEK.
If a millionaire offered to pay you $10,000 to work 4 hours a week, would you be eager to meet with him to discuss it? That’s why you MUST investigate THIS!

I mentioned I have an engineering background; I invested YEARS and YEARS in getting my degree and experience. Maybe you did too, or maybe you are a high school graduate. Whatever your background or present job, career or business situation, that does NOT matter.
The skills I have to QUICKLY teach you are different and amazing. Just don’t let the fact that you can learn to use my Business System very quickly make you de-value the know-how you will gain.
The lifetime value of these skills is profound. You can move anywhere. Live half the year in the North, half the year in a sunshine locale. You can profit ANYWHERE you choose to go. With these skills, there is immediate income available “on demand”, anywhere – with nothing more than a computer, smart-phone and access to our “network”.
You can take months or even a year off to “sail the seas” or whatever you like, decide on a Monday to return to this “work”, and have FedEx delivering a check for $5,000… $10,000… or $20,000… to you within days. This is REAL financial security; the know-how that produces “income on demand”, any time, any place. Best of all, it’s remarkably easy and inexpensive to get started.
IMAGINE coming home one day – soon – and you find a FedEx envelope waiting for you at your front door. You open the envelope and there’s a check inside for $15,000.00… your fee, from a single transaction completed simply and easily. And imagine KNOWING you can create many more checks like these, from work that takes as little as 4 hours a week. I’ll wager you can put an extra $15,000.00 (and more) of monthly income to good use.
Well, this CAN BE ABSOLUTELY REAL. Can ONE decision CHANGE YOUR LIFE? The decision to view my FREE “INSTANT INFO” RIGHT NOW, to find out how this works might change your life permanently. Or the decision to skip it may leave your life, your finances, your future “locked” on the current path, making your past the ruler of your future.


Get a beverage, lock the door, get a pad and pen, get to a computer in a quiet place, and go to


It will be up to you what you do or choose not to do afterward. You can chalk it all up to “crazy talk”, laugh it off and forget it. We won’t pursue you. No salesman will ever call you. Your privacy is safe.

There’s no cost, no obligation.
If it makes sense to you in my Free Instant Information Video, it just may prove to be the “story you tell” a few months or year or so from now, when surprised relatives and friends are desperate to know how you could afford to quit your job or leave your business, how you can be free to take so many vacations, how your money worries went away.


P.S. I am ready to help you earn finder’s fees of $3,000 to $15,000 (or more)… starting immediately. Go to the website below right now…before it’s taken down…to see how you can get started.


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